Solstice Re-Vibe

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  • Solstice Re-Vibe

Our beloved Solstice ReVibe Tea is one of our favorites for inspiring a happy, healthy mindset. Solstice Re-Vibe is fantastic as a morning tea to start your day off right, or as an iced tea throughout your day for a refreshing feel. This blend also includes hibiscus.Dieters love hibiscus because when consumed regularly it has shown to aid in lowering the body’s absorption of starch, glucose and carbohydrates which may help with weight loss. We have added lemongrass and ginger- known for their healing digestive benefits.

Herbs you will find in this blend:
-Honey Bush
-Orange Peels & Slices
-Lemon Balm
-Rose Petals

How to use blend for TEA:
- For 1 cup serving:
- Measure 1 tbsp of blend
- Place in teapot & pour 1 cup hot water over
- Let steep for 5-15 minutes
-Enjoy Iced or Let chill in fridge for 3-4 hours
- Insert strainer over cup, pour tea in
-Add Honey or Sugar to Taste


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