Por tu Biente

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  • Por tu Biente

Por tu BienTe is a godsend for those days you want to curl up into a ball and hide from the world cause shark week is in control.
This nourishing & soothing blend is specifically for PMS symptoms. It can be used throughout your cycle to combat cramping, bloating, body aches, & emotional outburst, or drink it consistently in advance of your cycle to help lessen bleeding.

Herbs you will find in this blend:
- Nettle
- Raspberry Leaf
- Lady's Mantel
- Ginger
- Chamomile
-Rose Hips
-Cramp Bark

BENEFITS of Por Tu BienTe:
- Sensations of beauty
-Sexual Healing

How to use blend for TEA:
- For 1 cup serving:
- Measure 1 tbsp of blend
- Place in teapot & pour 1 cup hot water over
- Let steep for 5-10 minutes
- Insert strainer over cup, pour tea in

Other Uses:
- Yoni Steam for sexual healing
- Blend with favorite herbs
- Floral Bath additives


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