Moneyfestation Spray

$11.11 - $20.20
  • Moneyfestation Spray

Moneyfestation spray is a special blend of herbs and oils designed to attract money. Charged with Abundant intention & moon water. The gold glitter speckles like shiny coins. The scent is so very pleasant you can wear it as perfume also. Manifest that Money!

There are many ways to use this magical spray
$ Apply to your Pulse Points or Chakras
$ Spray some onto your debit/bank card, check book cover, piggy bank,
$ Needing a job promotion/raise in pay? Rub some Money Tree Oil on you office desk/work area (not the floor though because you don't want to slip and fall)
$ Love to gamble? Rub a little on your coin to scratch off your lottery ticket, rub a little on the slot machine you're playing, or add some to your Bingo dobber.