Chillax Pre Rolls

  • Chillax Pre Rolls

Our Chillax blend is a wonderfully relaxing blend which marries together our favorite medicinal plants for easing anxiety, calming nerves, relieving stress and tension, while positively influencing mood and happiness. This is our go to blend for long stressful days, which we like to pair with a soothing foot bath soak for optimal effect.

Herbs you will find in this blend:
-Siberia Motherwort Herb (marijuanilla)
-Lemon Balm
-Rose Petals
-Blue Cornflower

BENEFITS of Chillax:
- Anxiety
-Stress Relief
-Mood Enhancement

This blend can be purchased as pre rolls (6 included), or as a loose leaf blend


Our products do NOT contain any cannabis, tobacco, nicotine, or caffeine.

While these blends are made of herbs that have been used as smoke medicine for many years and are not habit forming, they are not inherently “safe”. Inhaling the smoke of a plant to which you have an allergy can be extremely dangerous. Make sure that you know what is in any herbal blend that you smoke. Also, smoke inhalation in general is not great for your lungs. While these blends may have lung health benefits, please remember to use them in moderation, like any kind of medicine!